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About Us

Goth & Company Inc.

Trustee in Bankruptcy and Administrators of Proposals

At Goth & Company we take pride in dealing with our clients as individuals. We feel that a personal approach and working together is necessary to achieve the best possible result for you. In our first meeting we guarantee that you will meet with a caring, qualified professional, who will take the time to understand your situation and assist you in understanding all the options

One of our major focuses is education. We take pride in being providing the necessary information about all available options. Including:

  • Personal bankruptcy,
  • Consumer Proposals,
  • Credit Counselling,
  • Debt Pooling, or
  • Consolidation loans.

We are locally owned and operated, committed to providing quality personalized services with both expertise and understanding and want to help you find the best solution to deal with your situation.

We are pleased to answer any of your questions and to deal with any of your concerns regarding bankruptcy or insolvency. We provide a free initial consultation, and are happy to be in a position to help.

For more information you can send us your questions by email, call us directly or use our Free Case Evaluation tool.